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Why would I Choose One Screen Sharing Method over another?

When you are determining which screen sharing method to use, you want to consider privacy, performance, and the number of applications you anticipate sharing.

  1. The entire screen is the best choice when you want to easily switch between applications, and you don't care if participants see everything on your desktop. On the other hand, sharing performance might be slower than the other two methods.
  2. A resizable rectangular frame is the best choice for controlling what other participants can see. Others can only see what is within the confines of the frame.
  3. A currently running application is the best choice for showing a single application. Participants do not see any other windows or applications on your machine, even if they pop up over a shared application.

Finally, if you want to share a slide deck, don't choose screen sharing. For optimal performance, add your slides to the meeting and choose Slides instead of screen sharing.

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