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How Do I Add Slides and Show them?

You do not have to be the current presenter to add slides in a meeting. You just need permission to present. If you see the Add Slides button in the toolbar, then you have permission.

  1. Click Add Slides in the toolbar.
  2. Click Browse to select the file from your computer
  3. Click OK.
  4. The file appears in the list of files on the Slides tab once it is added to the Meeting Room. The upload process can take a while if your file has many slides. If this is the first file added to the Slides tab, you cannot click the Slides tab until the uploaded file is there.

Showing your slides

  1. Click Start Presenting to become a current presenter. If you see a Stop Presenting button, then you are already a current presenter.
  2. Click the Slides tab.
  3. Select the file in the File drop-down box in the Projector toolbar.
  4. Click the Next arrow Next and the Previous arrow Previous on the Projector toolbar to switch pages.
  5. Tip If your screen is in maximized mode, right-click a slide to display a menu of choices, including Next Page and Previous Page, or press Page Up or Page Down on your keyboard.

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