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What Do Others See When I Present?

The content that other meeting participants see depends on the presentation tool that you are using and how much you want to share. As a presenter, you are in control.

  • Whiteboard and Slides When you are using the whiteboard or slides tools, others only see the whiteboard or the current slide and any annotations that you add. Other participants cannot see any other windows, start bars, programs, icons, or messaging application running on your computer.
  • Screen Sharing When you share your screen, the content that others see depends on the sharing method that you choose.
    • The entire screen: Other participants can see everything on your screen, including icons, programs, messages, and the desktop, so you must carefully consider your need to preserve private information.
    • A resizable rectangular frame: When you share part of your screen, other participants see only what is enclosed within the borders of the resizable frame.
    • A currently running application: Others only see the application window. The windows of other programs are hidden from meeting participants, even if they pop up over a shared application.

    When you share a frame or an application, an orange boundary appears.

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