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Why Can't Anyone Hear Me Speak?

If no one in the meeting can hear you speak, try the following solutions:

  • Ensure that your computer includes a supported sound card; ensure that the sound card is functioning properly.
  • Ensure that your microphone is turned on and that it is plugged into the proper socket.
  • Ensure that your microphone or headset has batteries if they are required. Ensure that the batteries are functioning.
  • Ensure that the microphone is not muted. If you are, a mute icon Muted displays beside your name.
  • Ensure that the volume of the microphone is high enough. Click Adjust my volume in the toolbar. Then slide the volume bar farther to the right. If the volume is high enough, and you can see the green bars below the microphone icon move when you speak, the participants who cannot hear you might have a problem with their speakers. The participants who cannot hear you should try the solutions in Why Can't I Hear Anyone Speak?
  • Ensure that the Microphone option in your system mixer is set properly for recording. In the Meeting Room, choose Tools - preferences. In the Recording section of the Audio tab, click "Adjust System Mixer Recording Settings." When the system mixer appears, make sure that the Microphone option is not muted. (The Microphone option should be muted for playback.)
  • Note Because your sound card driver determines the user-interface options in the system mixer, the exact procedure for changing the Microphone option might vary. The above procedure should work for a variety of sound cards. See your sound card documentation for more detailed information.

  • Adjust your microphone senstivity to be sure that your microphone detects your voice when you speak. You can adjust your microphone sensitivity in the audio/video preferences.
  • Ask the other participants in the meeting to adjust their microphone sensitivity to ensure that they are not transmitting noise (such as shuffling papers) when they are not speaking. Participants can adjust their microphone sensitivity in the audio/video preferences.
  • If none of these suggestions work, speak to your system administrator. Your difficulty might be caused by the presence of a firewall.

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