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Viewing or Hiding the Audio Controls and Video

Audio Controls

When a meeting includes computer audio, the audio controls (the speakers and microphone icons and the bars to adjust the speakers and microphone volume) are visible in the Meeting Room. You can hide these by maximizing the window, which hides the entire sidebar tab.

Video Windows

When a meeting includes computer video, the video windows are visible in the Meeting Room. The Speaker's Video window displays the person who is currently speaking in a meeting. The My Video window displays your own video image. You must have a video camera attached to your computer to view your own image or to allow others to see your image. You can view the speaking participant's video even if you do not have a video camera.

To hide the video windows, choose View - Sidebar Tabs - Video to remove the check mark. Choose View - Sidebar Tabs - Video again to display the video windows.

When you view or hide the audio controls or video windows, you are the only meeting participant who sees a change in the Meeting Room.

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