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Viewing Web Pages

When the chair sends a Web page, a new browser window automatically appears on your computer screen. Only you can control this window. You can explore the Web page, go to a different Web page, or close the window without affecting what other participants see in the meeting. If the chair sends more than one Web page, each page replaces the previous page within the single browser window on your screen. You do not receive multiple browser windows.

If a pop-up blocker for your browser prevented the Web page from displaying, you will see a message instead telling you to turn off your browser pop-up blockers.

Note If you attend a meeting late (or leave a meeting and then rejoin it) and the chair has sent a Web page, the Web page may appear on your screen.

Tip To view the most recently sent Web page, click the Web Pages tab, select the Web page at the bottom of the list, and click the View icon View. (If the Web Pages tab is not visible, choose View - Sidebar Tabs - Web Pages.) The Web page appears in a browser window on your screen. No one else can see this window.

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