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Participating in a Meeting

As a participant in a meeting, you can watch others present information, such as slides or drawings, or you can become a presenter, if you have permission to present.

Switching between the Whiteboard, Slides, and Screen Sharing

In a meeting, all participants with permission to present see the Welcome Page, Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, and Slides tabs. Only current presenters can click them. When a current presenter clicks a tab to switch tools, all participants see the change.

If you are a current presenter in a meeting, click one of the following tabs to switch between the tools:

  • Welcome - To see information about the meeting.
  • Slides - To switch to slide navigation and work with the Annotation tools.
  • Screen Sharing - To initiate the sharing tools.
  • Whiteboard - To switch to a board on which all presenters can draw using the Annotation tools.

Note The system administrator can specify on particular servers that the whiteboard and sharing tools are not available.

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