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Viewing the Participant Who Is Speaking

If your online meeting includes computer audio and video, you can view the person who is speaking by choosing the View - Video - Current Speaker. You can also select Current Speaker from the Show drop-down list at the top of the participants list. You can view the speaking participant's video even if you do not have a video camera attached to your computer.

If you are using a modem to attend the meeting and you are not receiving video as quickly as the other participants, you might want to pause the video. To pause the speaking participant's video image, choose Tools - Video - Pause Speaker's Video or click Pause in the Current Speaker's view. When you pause the video image, you no longer receive any video. The Video Meeting Paused icon displays in your video window. To play the image again, click Play. Clicking Pause or Play in the Current Speaker's view only affects the image in your Video window; no one else sees the video image pause.

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