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Viewing a Recorded Meeting

If the person who schedules a meeting chooses to record the meeting, you can view a recording of the meeting after it is over. You might want to view a recording if you were unable to attend part or all of the meeting or if you want to review the meeting.

Available Features

A recorded meeting does not include all of the features of the original meeting. For example, you cannot see the Participant List from the original meeting while watching a recorded meeting. The table below lists the features that are available in a recorded meeting.

When viewing a recorded meeting, you can...

However, you cannot...

Listen to computer audio and watch computer video from the meeting.

Use the meeting room to listen to the audio from a recorded telephone conference call.

Watch any information that was shared using screen sharing. For example, you can see a shared program and watch others edit a file in the program.

See the mouse pointer in a shared program.

Watch drawings being created on the whiteboard or annotations made to slides. For example, you can see a file that was presented and watch others edit the file with the Annotation tools.

See the Pointer Tool. For example, if the Chair points to a graph on the Slides tab with the Pointer Tool, you can see the graph, but you cannot see the Pointer, Laser Pointer, or Highlighter Tools.

Use the replay controls to play, pause, and stop the meeting. You can also make changes to the Meeting Room, such as changing the Meeting Room layout, adjusting the speaker volume, and floating the video windows.

Interact with the recording during the meeting by answering questions or making changes to the shared information.

See any of the following information from a meeting:

  • Chat text

  • Sent Web pages

  • Poll questions

See any of the following information from a meeting:

  • Raised hands

  • A list of people in the meeting (the Participant List)

  • Tip You might be able to see a list of the meeting participants on the Meeting Details page for the recorded meeting.

Note You might have problems viewing a recording while using a modem. Someone who is using a modem cannot view a meeting that was recorded using a fast connection.

Viewing a Recording

  1. Locate the meeting in the Recorded view, the Finished view, or the Calendar view of the Meeting Center, and click on the meeting name. The meeting details appear. Click "Replay the Meeting." If necessary, enter the password for the recorded meeting. A new window appears and the meeting begins.
  2. While viewing the meeting you can:
  3. When you are finished watching the meeting, choose File - Leave Meeting.

Note To view a recording, you might need to go to the server where the meeting was created. See your system administrator for more information.

Using the Replay Controls

The table below lists the replay controls and their functions.

Replay Control


Play button

  • Allows you to watch and listen to the meeting.

  • You can also choose Tools - Play.

Pause button

  • Pauses the meeting.

  • You can also choose Tools - Pause.

  • To resume the meeting, you must click Play.

Stop button

  • Stops the meeting and rewinds it to the beginning.

  • You can also choose Tools - Stop.

Progress Bar

  • Allows you to move quickly through parts of the meeting.

  • Move the slider bar to the right to move forward. As you move the slider, watch the "elapsed time" indicator below the slider or in the status bar to see how much of the meeting has passed.

  • If the meeting is playing as you move the slider, the meeting is paused; when you release the slider, the meeting resumes. (You might notice a brief pause before the meeting resumes.)

  • Tip You can also choose Tools - Fast Forward or Tools - Rewind. Continue selecting either of these menu items to move through the recording in increments of five seconds.

  • If you have stopped or paused the meeting when you are using the slider, you must click Play to resume the meeting.

Note When you move the slider, you cannot watch or listen to the meeting. You must release the slider for the meeting to resume.

Change the Meeting Room layout

Use the View menu to arrange the Meeting Room to suit your needs. You can view or hide the Sidebar Tabs for Web Pages and Polling,. You can also fit the shared area to the window, maximize the shared area, float the video window, and display Web pages and polls in new windows.

Adjusting the Audio Volume

If the meeting includes computer audio and video, you can adjust the audio volume by choosing Tools - Increase Speaker Volume or Tools - Decrease Speaker Volume. Continue selecting either of these menu items to increase or decrease the speaker volume in small increments.

Floating the Video Windows

To view video in a separate browse window, you can "float" the video window to separate them from the Meeting Room. To float the video windows, choose View - Float Video Window. When the video window is floating, you can move them anywhere on your computer screen. To return the video window to the Meeting Room, choose View - Float Video Window to remove the check mark.

Viewing Status Messages

You can view the status of the meeting as you view it by looking at the Playback controls window at the top of the sidebar. The Playback Controls window lists the following information:

  • The current state of the recorded meeting (playing, paused, stopped, finished)
  • The elapsed time or the time remaining.
  • Whether you have missed any meeting information.
  • Whether there is new content in one of the Sidebar Tabs (such as a new Web page in the Web pages tab).

You can view the following information from the status bar at the bottom of the Playback client

  • Whether the replay of the meeting is encrypted (or secure). A locked padlock in the status bar indicates that the replay is encrypted. (By default, a recorded meeting is encrypted if the original meeting was encrypted.)
  • The current state of the recorded meeting (connecting, connected, disconnected).

Working with Group Chat Text

While viewing a recorded meeting, you can select, copy, and save the chat text from the meeting.

Tip While viewing the meeting, the Sidebar tabs might flash briefly to alert you to new content, such as shared poll responses or chat messages.

Loss of Information

When viewing a recorded meeting, you might notice any of the conditions listed below. Unfortunately, these conditions are a normal part of recorded meetings.

  • The audio might cut out for a couple of seconds, so that you do not hear what someone in the meeting says. (If the audio cuts out for more than a couple of seconds, you might be experiencing audio difficulties.)
  • The video might pause for up to 15 seconds, so that you do not see a new image, or you do not see the person who is currently speaking move. (If the video pauses for longer than 15 seconds, you might be experiencing video difficulties.)
  • The slides or screen-sharing might appear to pause, so that you do not receive any new information. This situation can last up to 45 seconds; after that time, you will begin receiving information again. If you do not receive information for longer than 45 seconds, try pausing the video. When you pause the video, you free up network bandwidth so that you can receive more meeting information from the server.
  • You might not receive 100 percent of the chat text, sent Web pages, or polls in a meeting.
  • Tip The status bar displays messages about lost information. If you lose some chat text, the chat area in the Meeting Room includes a message about the lost text.

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