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Using the Telephone to Attend the Audio Portion of a Computer Audio/Video Meeting

In some situations, you might need to use the telephone to participate in the audio portion of a computer-based audio/video meeting. For example, you might not have the required hardware and software to use computer audio and video, or you might be away from your computer. Use the procedure below to dial into the audio portion of a meeting, whether you are participating in the online portion of the meeting or just listening and speaking as though you were in a telephone call.

Note You cannot use this procedure unless your system administrator has enabled IBM® Lotus® Sametime® to allow telephone users and computer audio users to communicate in the same meeting. (The administrator must set up an H.323 Gateway and Gatekeeper.) You must contact your system administrator for meeting information before you can dial into the meeting.

Dialing into the Audio Portion of an Computer Audio/Video Meeting

  1. Before the meeting begins, contact your system administrator and obtain the following:
    • The telephone number for the meeting.
    • A prefix number to enter after dialing the phone number to access the meeting. You will use this number as a prefix for the audio conference ID mentioned in step 2.
  2. View the meeting details in the Meeting Center and write down the audio conference ID number, if available. To view the meeting details, click the meeting name in the Meeting Center. You will use the audio conference ID (along with the prefix you obtained in step 1) to access the audio portion of the meeting.
  3. If you plan to attend the online portion of the meeting (to use the whiteboard, screen sharing, and group chat), go to the Meeting Center when the meeting is scheduled to begin and click Attend beside the meeting name. The Meeting Room appears and you can participate in the online portion of the meeting.
  4. To listen to the audio portion of the meeting, use the telephone to dial the telephone number that you obtained in step 1.
  5. When you hear the dial tone, enter the prefix that you obtained in step 1 followed by the ID that you obtained in step 2.
  6. You can now speak and listen to the other people in the meeting. While you are in the call, you will only be able to hear one person at a time. For example, if Bob is speaking and Etienne briefly interrupts him, you will not hear Etienne's interruption.

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