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Testing Your Computer Audio and Video

IBM® Lotus® Sametime® allows you to test your audio and video before joining a meeting. You can test your audio and video when you test a meeting from the Meeting Center.

The first time that you test your audio and video, you might see some Security Warnings. Click Yes or OK in the warning dialog boxes to test your audio and video.

To test your audio and video:

  1. From the Meeting Center, click Test Meeting.
  2. Click Test My Browser.
  3. A new browser window with the Meeting Room appears on your screen, including video windows and audio controls. You should be able to see your own video image in both the My Video and Speaker's Video windows. If the Meeting Room does not appear:
    • If this is your first time testing a meeting, you might see some Security Warnings. Click Yes or OK in the warning dialog boxes to continue with the test.
    • Your browser might not be set correctly for Lotus Sametime (for example, you might need to enable cookies). If you need to change a browser setting, instructions for correcting the problem appear in the "Test a Meeting" window. See Making Your Browser Work with Lotus Sametime for more information about the correct browser settings.
    • You might need to install a recommended browser. See the IBM Lotus® Sametime ® Release Notes for a list of supported browsers.
    • You might not be connecting to the Lotus Sametime server. If a connection problem prevents you from downloading the Meeting Room, follow the instructions on the screen shown in Step 2.
    • Note If one or more errors prevents you from connecting to a meeting, click View - Meeting Room Status Log to save the error messages and then e-mail them to your system administrator.

  4. When you have finished testing, click File - Leave Meeting. Your audio and video are now ready.

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