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Switching the Meeting Chair

If you are the chair, you can give chair duties to another participant. After you switch to another chair, you can no longer:

  • Send polls.
  • View unshared poll responses or individual poll responses.
  • Send Web pages.
  • Save drawings on the whiteboard or annotations to slides during the meeting.
  • Grant and remove permissions from other meeting participants.

Note If more than one person has been the chair of a meeting, the most recent chair is the only chair who can edit or delete the meeting when it is finished.

To switch the chair:

  1. Choose Actions - Switch Meeting chair.
  2. Select the new chair from the list of names.
  3. Click OK on the Change Meeting Chair dialog box. The participant whom you selected is now the chair.

Note The new chair can confirm his or her status by looking at the top of the participants list. In addition, if participants in a meeting do not have permission to present and then someone else becomes chair, the original chair, now an attendee, will not have permission to present.

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