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Setting Playback Preferences

The audio preferences for playback allow you to:

To access the playback preferences, choose Tools - preferences and click the Audio tab.

Note If you select a different recording or playback audio device, leave the meeting and attend it again to use those devices.

Selecting Your Preferred Playback Device (Sound Card for Speakers or Headphones)

The device that your computer uses to play sounds, such as speakers or headphones, needs a sound card to function. (A sound card is a hardware component that allows your computer to produce sounds.) When you plug your speakers or headphones into your computer, you are actually plugging them into a sound card.

Note Sound cards are available in many physical forms. For example, some desktop systems include built-in sound cards, and some modems include sound cards.

If you have more than one sound card on your computer, you must select which sound card you want to use, and you must plug your speakers or headphones into the correct sound card. Use the audio preferences to select the sound card you want to use, and then ensure that your speakers or headphones are plugged into that sound card. If you are unsure which sound card to choose, experiment with the available options.

Note If you change your playback device during a meeting, you MUST click OK in the dialog box, leave the meeting, and attend the meeting again for the change to take effect.

Adjusting Output Device Settings

After selecting your preferred playback device, adjust system mixer settings (such as the settings listed in step 2 below) for the device. When you adjust system mixer settings from within IBM® Lotus ® Sametime ®, the changes also affect your playback device when you use it with other programs. For example, if you use Lotus Sametime to set the playback volume for your speakers, your speakers will play audio at that volume when you use them with other programs.

To adjust system mixer settings for your playback device:

  1. Click "Adjust Output Device Settings." The system mixer appears.
  2. Note If you are using Windows 95 or Windows NT, you might have to make sure the Playback options appear in the system mixer. To display the Playback options, choose Options - Properties in the system mixer. Make sure the Playback option is selected in the Properties dialog box and click OK.

  3. The settings that appear in your system mixer depend on your audio equipment. Follow the appropriate instructions below:
    • Ensure that the Wave option is selected or that it is not muted. The Wave option manages the output channel that Lotus Sametime audio uses.
    • Ensure that the Digital option is selected or that it is not muted.
    • If your system mixer includes a Master Out or Volume option, use it to control the final output of the playback settings. (You might need to experiment with the Wave option and the Master Out option to achieve a comfortable playback volume.) Make sure that the Master Out option is not muted.
    • Mute all other options for Playback.

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