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Sending Web Pages

The chair can use the Web Pages tab to direct meeting participants to specific Web pages. For example, the chair might send a Web page to meeting participants so that they can review a new design for the company's Web site. Only the chair can send Web pages.

When the chair sends a Web page, a new browser window containing the Web page appears on each participant's computer screen. The chair does not control this window. Each participant can explore the Web page, go to a different Web page, or close the window without affecting what other participants see during the meeting.

If the chair sends multiple Web pages to the meeting participants, subsequent pages replace each other within the single browser window on participants' screens. Participants receive only one browser window.

Note Once the chair has sent a Web page, any participants who subsequently join the meeting will receive the most recent Web page as soon as they join the meeting.

Send a Web Page

Follow these steps to send a Web page to the meeting participants:

  1. Prepare participants for the new window that will appear on their screens by explaining that you are sending a Web page to them.
  2. Click the Web Pages tab. (If the tab is not visible, choose View - Sidebar Tabs - Web Pages.)
  3. In the "New Web page" field, enter the address (the Uniform Resource Locator, or URL) of the Web page that you want to send.
  4. (Optional) To view the Web page privately before you send it to the meeting participants, click the Preview icon Preview. The Web page appears in a new browser window on your screen. Other participants cannot see the page yet.
    • If the page is correct, close the preview window and proceed to step 5.
    • If the page is not the one you want, type a new address in the browser window or search until you find the correct page. After you find the correct Web page, copy the address from your browser window and paste the address into the Web Pages tab.
    • Note If the Web page you are previewing does not display, you may have to first turn off any pop-up blockers in your browser.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • Press ENTER to add the Web address to the list without sending it.
    • Click Send Send.
    • The Web page appears in a new browser window on each participant's computer screen. (The page also appears in a new browser window on the chair's screen.)

  6. (Optional) Click the Close Sent Page icon Close Sent Page to close the last Web page sent for everyone looking at it.

Tip To resend a previous Web page, select the address from the list of Web pages. You can send the Web page right away by clicking the Send icon Send, or you can edit the address first.

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