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Communicating with Group Chat

Group chat is a public form of chat; you can use it to send typed messages to everyone in the meeting. If group chat is available in the meeting, you can use group chat when audio is unavailable or when you need to ask a question during a meeting and do not want to interrupt the person who is currently speaking. Although everyone in the meeting can see the group chat message, only participants with permission to chat can send a message.

If you do not want to send your message to everyone in the meeting, you can double-click a name in the participants list to start a private chat with that person.

To send a message with group chat:

  1. Place the cursor in the text-entry area beside the Send button under "Group Chat. " Enter your message.
  2. Click Send or press Enter. The message appears in the chat-transcript area (above the text-entry area) and is seen by all meeting participants. Other participants' messages also appear in the transcript area in the order that they were sent.

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