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Repeating the Meeting

You can repeat a meeting that you are scheduling. For example, you can repeat the meeting every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. for two months. When you repeat a meeting, the chair for the first meeting is the chair for every meeting in the series.

When you schedule a telephone conference call with your meeting, you can only use some of the available options for repeating the meeting. Note the following characteristics of repeated meetings that use the telephone service option:

  • When a repeating meeting is scheduled with the telephone conference service, the same telephone numbers, passcode, and other teleconference-related information apply to all instances of the repeated meeting.
  • If a meeting using the telephone conferencing service is scheduled for a single occurrence, you can not make it into a repeated meeting.

Note You can use IBM® Lotus® Sametime® to schedule a telephone conference call only if your server includes this capability. See your system administrator for more information.

To schedule a repeating meeting:

  1. After choosing a date and time for the meeting to start, click Repeat.
  2. In the Repeat Rules dialog box, specify how often you want to repeat the meeting: "Daily," "Weekly," "Monthly by Date," "Monthly by Day," "Yearly," or "Custom".
  3. If you are scheduling a telephone conference call with the meeting, you must select either "Daily," "Weekly," or "Monthly by Date" in the Repeat field. You must also make the following selections:

    • For each option, you must select only one day or date to repeat the meeting. For example, you can repeat the meeting every Monday, but you cannot repeat it every Monday and Wednesday. Similarly, you can repeat the meeting every month on the first day, but not on the first and second day.
    • If you select Weekly, you can only repeat the meeting every week or every second week. The first meeting in the series must be the same day of the week as the chosen repeat day. For example, if the first meeting is scheduled for a Monday, then all other meetings in the series must also occur on Mondays.
  4. Enter the date for the first meeting in the "Starting date" field.
  5. Tip You might see double arrows, single arrows, or a calendar next to the "Starting date" field. See Scheduling the Meeting for information about these controls.

  6. If you chose Custom in step 2, enter the dates you want to repeat the meeting and go to step 7.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click Until and enter the last date for the meeting series.
    • Click For and specify how long you want to continue the meeting series.
  8. If you chose to repeat the meeting "Daily," "Monthly by Date," or "Yearly," specify a choice for weekend meetings: "Don't Move," "Move to Friday," "Move to Monday," "Move to Nearest Weekday," or "Delete."
  9. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the Essentials tab. When you save your meeting, Lotus Sametime creates a series of meetings with the settings you selected in the Repeat Rules dialog box.

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