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Registering to Use IBM Lotus Sametime

Your system administrator might require you to register before you can create and attend scheduled meetings, or view recorded meetings. If a Register link appears on the IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Welcome page, you can register by choosing your own user name and password.

Note If the Register link does not appear on the Lotus Sametime Welcome page, you must obtain your user name and password from your system administrator

To register:

  1. Click "Register to use Sametime" on the Lotus Sametime Welcome page.
  2. Enter the required information. The name you enter becomes your user name. Your user name appears in the participants list and other areas when you attend meetings as firstname lastname. The password is your login password for Lotus Sametime. Remember this password because it does not appear anywhere else. See Passwords for more information about the passwords associated with Lotus Sametime.
  3. Click Save or click Back to Welcome page to return to the Lotus Sametime Welcome page.
  4. Once you are registered, you can log in. See Logging In for more information.

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