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Presenting Information on the Meeting Welcome Page

Whenever you create a new meeting, a meeting Welcome Page is also created. The meeting Welcome page displays by default, as soon as you enter the Meeting Room. It includes basic information about the meeting, such as the meeting date, time, and title, chair name, and whether or not the meeting will be recorded. It also includes audio connection information. For example, if a telephone service is associated with the meeting, a Join the Call button appears on the meeting Welcome Page. You click the Join the Call button to initiate the call from the telephone conferencing service.

The information provided on the meeting Welcome Page will be useful to all participants who join the meeting, particularly those who join early, before the meeting has begun. Those who join the meeting once it has started - and all other meeting participants - can see this same information by clicking the "Meeting Information" button in the meeting. Alternatively, a current presenter can click the meeting Welcome page to display the Welcome page again during the meeting.

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