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Presenting Information in a Meeting

Any meeting participant who has permission to present and is the current presenter can use the following features to work with and present information during a meeting:


screen sharing


Although all these tools help you present information, they have significantly different purposes. Use this table to help you determine the best tool for your purpose.

Use Slides if...

Use Screen Sharing if...

Use the Whiteboard if...

You want to share slides or documents with people in the meeting.

You need to demonstrate a process or procedure in a program.

You want to draw a separate illustration or other graphic representation using the annotation tools.

You want to save the file as an attachment to the meeting information.

You want to have a shared brainstorming session with the people in the meeting.

You do not want others to edit your original document.

You want to allow others to make changes directly to your presentation using the mouse and keyboard.

You want to draw a picture during the meeting.

You want to be sure that people can review your presentation before the meeting begins.

You want to be sure that no one can see your presentation before the meeting begins.

You want to allow all presenters the opportunity to make annotations, for example, for a brainstorming session.

You have a lot of information that you need to discuss in a short period of time.

You want to share animated graphics during your presentation.

You have a slow computer or you have many programs open at once.

You have a fast computer or you are using only one or two programs.

In addition, each meeting has a Welcome page that also lets you present important information about the meeting.

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