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Preparing for a Scheduled Meeting

You should prepare for a meeting, just as you would for a face-to-face meeting. Follow these tips to help you prepare:

  • Before attending your first meeting, attend a test meeting to ensure that IBM® Lotus® Sametime® is functioning properly.
  • If you plan to add a file to present during the meeting, follow the tips in Preparing a File to make sure that the file will display well. Also, see the list of file types to determine if Lotus Sametime can automatically convert your file for display. If your file type is not in the list, use Lotus Sametime Print Capture to convert your file to a Lotus Sametime file (FST, or "File for Sametime") for display during a meeting.
  • Decide what type of audio to use in the meeting. If available, you can use computer audio and video or associate a telephone conference call with your meeting.
  • If your meeting includes confidential information, review the topic Protecting your meeting for ideas about keeping your meeting content private.
  • If you plan to use screen sharing in your meeting, you need to know how to protect the confidential information on your computer. Review Ensuring Security before sharing your screen.

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