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IBM® Lotus® Sametime® uses the following passwords to secure your meetings and other information:

  • Lotus Sametime Password: This password is assigned by your system administrator or chosen by you when you register to use Lotus Sametime. If registration is available in your version of Lotus Sametime, you can change your password at any time, even if your administrator assigned it to you. See Changing Your Password for more information.
  • Note If you do not see a Register link on the Lotus Sametime Welcome page, you must get your user name and password from your system administrator.

  • Meeting Password: The meeting creator can enter a password for the meeting on the Essentials tab of the New Meeting page. Participants must enter the meeting password before attending the meeting or accessing the meeting details. (The password protects everything on the Meeting Details page, including recordings and attached files.)
  • Telephone Conference Call Password: If a meeting includes a telephone conference call, the telephone service may provide an ID and password for the telephone conference call. To attend a meeting that includes a password-protected telephone conference call, participants call the service and enter the conference call password on the telephone keypad.
  • Proxy Server Password: If you use a proxy server with Lotus Sametime, you might need a user name and password to access the proxy server. Contact your system administrator for more information.

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