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Testing a Meeting

Before attending your first meeting, attend a test meeting to make sure that IBM® Lotus® Sametime® is functioning correctly.

To test a meeting:

  1. From the Meeting Center, click Test Meeting.
  2. Click Test My Browser.
  3. A new browser window with the Meeting Room appears on your screen. If the Meeting Room does not appear:
    • If this is your first time testing a meeting, you might see some Security Warnings. Click Yes or OK in the warning dialog boxes to continue with the test.
    • Your browser might not be set correctly for Lotus Sametime (for example, you might need to enable cookies). If you need to change a browser setting, instructions for correcting the problem appear in the "Test a Meeting" window. See Making Your Browser Work with Lotus Sametime for more information about the correct browser settings.
    • You might need to install a recommended browser. See the IBM Lotus Sametime Release Notes for a list of supported browsers.
    • You might not be connecting to the Lotus Sametime server. If a connection problem prevents you from downloading the Meeting Room, follow the instructions on the screen shown in Step 2.
    • Note If one or more errors prevents you from connecting to a meeting, click View - Meeting Room Status Log to save the error messages and then e-mail them to your system administrator.

  4. Review the instructions on the Test Meeting page for information on setting up audio and video, shutting of pop-up blockers, selecting system settings, and so on.
  5. When you have finished testing, click File - Leave Meeting. You are now ready to attend a real meeting.

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