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Logging in

Your system administrator might require you to log in to IBM® Lotus® Sametime® before you can create and attend scheduled meetings or view recorded meetings. In most cases, the creator of the meeting must log in to Lotus Sametime when scheduling the meeting. If you do not log in to Lotus Sametime, you are unable to choose a meeting chair. See Chairing a Meeting for more information.

Typically, you should log in before attending or scheduling Lotus Sametime meetings even if you are not required to do so. By logging in, you ensure that other participants can easily identify you during meetings and that you can become the chair if necessary.

Logging In

On the left side of the IBM Lotus Sametime Welcome page, under "Log in to Sametime," enter your user name and password and then click Log In. If you do not have a user name and password, you must register to use Lotus Sametime or obtain a user name and password from your administrator.

If You Do Not Log In

If you do not log in to Lotus Sametime:

  • You cannot become the chair of a meeting.
  • Depending on settings at your site, you might not be able to schedule or attend meetings.
  • You are represented by a default name (such as user1/guest) in the Meeting Room. This default name appears in the following places:
    • The participants list
    • The chair's individual poll responses window
    • When you control a shared screen, the initials of the default name appear next to the cursor.

    Your system administrator determines the default name. If your administrator allows you to customize the default name, a dialog box appears when you attend a meeting without logging in to Lotus Sametime. Enter a name for yourself and click OK. Entering a customized default name does not log you in to Lotus Sametime.

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