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Drawing on the Whiteboard

Any presenter can use the whiteboard to draw with the annotation tools. Click the whiteboard tab to use the whiteboard when:

  • You want to draw a separate illustration or other graphic representation using the annotation tools.
  • You want to allow all presenters the opportunity to make annotations, for example, for a brainstorming session.

Use the annotation tools to draw lines and shapes and enter text.

Note The Stamp tool is not available in a recorded meeting.

Permission to Present

A current presenter can click the Whiteboard tab to draw on the whiteboard.

If you are not the current presenter, you must make sure that you have permission to present before can you draw on the whiteboard. You should be able to see the Start Presenting and Add Slides buttons. "You have permission to present" should also appear at the bottom of the participants list. You might need to ask the chair to give you permission to present. If you are the chair, this button is automatically clicked the first time you enter the meeting.

Once you have permission to present, follow these steps.

  1. Click Start Presenting to become a current presenter.
  2. Click the Whiteboard tab.

Note Your company might use any of the following products to write on a physical whiteboard and then save that information as an electronic file:

  • SMART Interactive Whiteboard
  • mimio
  • eBeam

If you use any of these products, launch that product's desktop software and then use screen sharing to present the electronic file to everyone in the meeting.

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