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Presenting Information with Screen Sharing

You can use screen sharing to work together or to give a presentation. Use screen sharing when:

  • You need to use a computer software program to demonstrate a procedure.
  • You want to allow other meeting participants to use their computers to edit your presentation.
  • You want to be sure that no one sees your presentation before the meeting begins.
  • You want to share animated graphics during your presentation.

Sharing your screen

Before you can click the Screen Sharing tab to share your screen, you must have permission to present and be a current presenter. To make sure that you have permission to present, you should be able to see the Start Presenting and Add Slides buttons. "You have permission to present" should also appear at the bottom of the participants list. You might need to ask the chair to give you permission to present. Once you have permission to present, click Start Presenting to become a current presenter.

If you are a current presenter you can share your screen. Once you are sharing your screen, you can allow others to control the shared screen.

Note Your administrator can limit your access to screen sharing capabilities. The administrator might deny you access to screen sharing altogether, or might limit you to only sharing applications.

Preparing for Screen Sharing

Before you begin screen sharing you should:

  • Make sure that you have permission to present and then click Start Presenting to become a current presenter.
  • Learn how to protect confidential information on your computer by reading Ensuring Security.
  • Ensure the most efficient screen-sharing meeting experience by reading Improving Screen-Sharing Performance.

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