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Tips for Improving Screen-Sharing Performance

Use the following tips to get the best performance when you share your screen:

  • Lower your color settings. Set your computer's color palette to 256 Colors. (To access the color palette, right-click on the desktop, select Properties, and then choose the Settings tab.) When you use a higher color setting, images take more time to transmit. Use a higher color setting only when image quality is extremely important and transmission speed is not an issue.
  • Use the smallest window size that is practical when you share a program. Or, you can share part of the screen (a frame) instead of sharing a program.
  • Allow time for all participants to join the meeting before you begin sharing. Otherwise, participants might notice periodic interruptions in the meeting as others join.
  • Avoid switching between windows within the program you are sharing. Switching between windows slows performance, especially when you share programs that use many colors (such as paint packages).
  • If possible, avoid switching between programs.
  • Use the fastest computer available.
  • Do not run unnecessary programs.
  • Turn off desktop patterns and pictures when sharing part of the screen (a frame) or the entire screen. Also turn off your computer's taskbar icons and clocks if possible.

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