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Floating the Video Window

It is sometimes convenient to view the video window outside of the Meeting Room. For example, it is helpful to view the meeting video while you are working in a program that you are sharing with other meeting participants. To view a video while working outside the Meeting Room, you can "float" the video window to separate it from the Meeting Room.

To float the video window, choose View - Video - Float Video Window. When the video window is floating, you can move it anywhere on your computer screen. You can also choose to display the Current Speaker or My Video views. To return the video window to the Meeting Room, choose View - Video - Float Video Window to remove the check mark.

Tip If you are sharing a program in a meeting that includes computer audio and video, you might want to float the video window and then resize the window of the shared program so that you can see video and share your program simultaneously. Remember that if you are sharing your entire screen, everyone in the meeting will see your video windows when you float them.

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