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Exporting (Saving) a Recording of a Meeting

If you are the creator of a meeting, the Chair, or the system administrator, you can export (save) a recording of a meeting to your computer. You might want to export a meeting if you have a tool that allows you to edit the meeting or if you want to save the meeting on your computer before deleting it.

Note See your system administrator for more information if you are not allowed to export a recording.

To export a recording:

  1. Click on the meeting name in the Meeting Center. (You can find the meeting in the Recorded view, the Finished view, or the Calendar view.)
  2. Click "Export the Recording."
  3. Locate or create the folder you want to use to store the recorded meeting.
  4. (Optional) Change the name of the recording in the "File name" field. By default, the file name is a number; you might want to use a name that is similar to the name of the original meeting.
  5. Click Save. The recording is saved on your computer.

Note You must use the Meeting Details page of the Meeting Center to view the meeting. You cannot view the meeting by double-clicking the file name in your computer's file system.

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