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Editing a Group Chat Message

You can use the Edit menu to edit a group chat message. Use the table below to find the editing task you need to do, and then follow the procedure next to it.

Tip To edit the text for a private chat message, use the Edit menu in the chat window.



Copy text from either the text-entry area or the chat-transcript area.

Select the text and choose Edit - Copy. The selected text is copied to the clipboard.

Paste text into the text-entry area. (You cannot paste text into the chat-transcript area.)

Place the cursor in the text-entry area where you want to insert the text. Choose Edit - Paste.

Select all text in the chat-transcript area.

Place your cursor in the chat-transcript area and choose Edit - Select All.

Delete text in the text-entry area. (You cannot delete text from the chat-transcript area.)

Select the text and press DELETE.

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