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Creating a Scheduled Meeting

You can schedule a meeting to start immediately, or some time in the future. If available, scheduled meetings can also take advantage of participants' computer audio and video or telephone services for communicating during the meeting. With scheduled meetings, you also have the options of repeating the meeting (so that it meets at the same day and time over a period of time) or recording the meeting to play back in the future.

To create a scheduled meeting, click "Schedule a Meeting" on the IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Welcome page. On the tabbed dialog box that appears, only information on the Essential tab is required. See the topics below for more information.

Note While you might not be required to log in to IBM® Lotus® Sametime® before you schedule a meeting, you might still want to do so. Once logged on, more functionality will be available to you. Under "Log in to Sametime" on the left side of the Meeting Center, enter your user name and password and click Log In.

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