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Allowing Others to Control the Shared Screen

When you begin sharing your screen, you are the only participant who can control the screen on your computer. Other participants cannot control the screen unless you allow them to do so. You always maintain control of your screen, even when you allow other participants to control it.

After you allow others to control the shared screen, any participant can make changes to the shared information. For example, a participant who has control can edit a shared file or open a new file in a shared program. Before allowing other participants to control your screen, consider ways to protect your confidential information by reading Ensuring Security.

Note Your system administrator might not allow other participants to control the shared screen.

Tip To prevent confusion about who should control the screen, use computer audio, Meeting Room chat, or a telephone conference call to discuss the order in which participants should control the screen.

Giving Control to Other Participants

  1. Make sure that the participants to whom you want to give control have permission to present . Click Presenters in the participants list Show drop-down list to see who has permission to present. If the participant does not have permission to present, the chair must grant permission. See Asking for Permissions for more information.
  2. If you have not yet done so, begin sharing your screen.
  3. Click Allow Control in the floating sharing toolbar. Anyone who has permission to present can now control the shared screen.
  4. Tip To ensure that only one participant can control the shared screen, the chair can grant that participant permission to present and revoke permission to present from all other participants in the meeting.

  5. At any time during the meeting, you can look at the Allow Control button to confirm that you have given control to the other participants. Reclaim Control displays instead of Allow Control while others have control. When someone is sharing their screen, their availability icon in the participants list changes, for example, Available: Sharing my screen.

Note Do not use your keyboard or mouse while another participant has control.

Removing Control from Other Participants

To remove control from another participant and continue sharing, click the Reclaim button in the floating Sharing Tools palette so that other participants cannot control your screen.

If you click Stop Sharing, other participants automatically lose control of the shared screen.

Tip If you have trouble removing control of the shared screen, press Ctrl - E or ask the controlling participant to stop moving the cursor.

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