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Communicating in a Meeting

In a meeting, you can communicate using:

  • computer audio and video. If your version of IBM ® Lotus® Sametime ®, includes computer audio and video, you can talk to your colleagues during an online meeting just as though you were seeing them face to face.
  • a telephone conference call. If telephone service capabilities are available to you, you can include a telephone conference call with any scheduled meeting you create. You don't have to know how to set up a conference call. Just a simple menu command or click of your mouse starts the call. Once connected, there is an easy-to-use interface to both manage and participate in the call.
  • group chat. If group chat has been enabled for your meeting, you can use group chat to send a written message to everyone in the meeting. For example, use group chat if you want to make a quick comment or observation or when you want to send a message to the other participants without interrupting the person who is currently speaking.
  • a private chat . You can use a private chat to send a written message to one or more participants in a meeting. Some participants might not have permission to chat. This permission is set by the server administrator.

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