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Tips for Using Screen Sharing for Collaboration

Follow these guidelines to increase your group's productivity when you use screen sharing:

  • Read Ensuring Security.
  • Read How to Share Your Screen for information about the best method for sharing your screen: a currently-running application, the entire screen, or a resizable rectangular frame.
  • To control your screen, participants must have permission to present. Ensure that participants have permission to present by clicking Presenters in the Show drop-down list to see whether or not they have permission to present. See Viewing Your Permissions for more information. If a participant does not have permission to present, the chair must grant permission to the participant.
  • After you begin sharing, use the Tools menu commands or the screen-sharing toolbar to let others take control or to remove control from other participants.
  • If you are sharing a file, save the shared file frequently and be sure to save the final version of the file that was edited during the meeting.

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