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Choosing a Meeting Chair

The chair conducts the meeting and controls participation during the meeting. The chair can grant and remove permission to present.

Depending on what your system administrator makes available to you, anyone with permission to present can:

  • Draw on the whiteboard.
  • Share a screen.
  • Control a shared screen.
  • Transmit computer audio and video.
  • Upload files and show them to participants.

When you create a meeting, you are the chair by default. You can choose another participant to be the chair.

To choose a chair other than yourself for the meeting:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to Sametime.
  2. For the Chair field, click Change on the People tab of the New Meeting page in the Meeting Center.
  3. To search for a name, enter the name in the "Search for person or group" field. You must enter an individual person (not a group name) in this field; there can only be one chair for a meeting. Enter a last name in the field, or enter a last name followed by a first name.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Select the appropriate name in the box.
  6. Click OK. The name of the meeting chair appears in the chair field on the People tab, replacing the previous name.

If your system administrator has enabled e-mail meeting details notification, then you will automatically be sent meeting details when you schedule a meeting. The meeting details contain the meeting name and start time, the password, a description, as well as a link to the meeting. You can forward this information to the meeting chair if you chose someone other than yourself.

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