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Viewing and Attending a Scheduled Meeting

You can use the Meeting Center to view and attend meetings. For example, you might need to attend a meeting that is currently in progress, edit the details for a meeting that occurs in the future, or view a recorded meeting. See the procedures below for more information.

Attending from the Correct Lotus Sametime Server

When a meeting includes people from many different locations, it is often available on more than one Lotus Sametime server. If the meeting you want to attend is on more than one Lotus Sametime server, the meeting chair or meeting creator will send you an e-mail with a list of available servers. (A Lotus Sametime server is represented as an address, such as Use this list to determine which Lotus Sametime server is best for your location and attend from that server. For example, you might need to attend from a server that:

  • Is closest to you
  • Allows you to connect as quickly as possible
  • Has been set aside for your department's or organization's use

If you are unsure which server you should use to attend, contact your system administrator. See Options: Setting meeting options for more information.

Attending a Meeting

  1. If required, log in to Lotus Sametime.
  2. Click Attend a Meeting
  3. Find the meeting name in one of the views of the Meeting Center:
    • In Progress: Meetings that are currently in progress
    • Today: Meetings for the current day
    • Scheduled: Meetings that are scheduled for a future date and time
    • Completed: Meetings that are completed
    • All Meetings: All of the meetings that are listed in the Meeting Center
    • My Meetings: Meetings that you have created, meetings that you were assigned to chair, and meetings for which your name is on the "restrict" list
    • Recorded Meetings: Meetings that have been recorded. To view a recorded meeting, click the meeting name. The Meeting Details page appears. Click "Replay the Meeting" to view the meeting.
    • View by Calendar: Meetings by date
    • Search for a Meeting: You can search for a listed meeting if you know the whole name of the Meeting or the first few characters of the Meeting name. For added security, some meetings are not listed in any view. To attend one of these hidden meetings, click "Search hidden meetings," and enter the exact name. This action only returns hidden meetings in the results.
  4. Click Attend beside the meeting name. (If the meeting is scheduled to begin at a later date and time or if it has already occurred Attend won't appear. Click the meeting name to see information about the meeting. You may need to enter a password, if one is required to access the meeting.
  5. If you are prompted to choose how your name will appear in the participants list, enter a name. You can enter a first name or a first and last name. You do not have to enter your Lotus Sametime user name. Click OK.
  6. Note Entering a name does not log you on to Lotus Sametime.

  7. If required, enter the meeting password. Click OK. The Meeting Room appears.
  8. If the meeting is using a telephone conference call service, click Join the Call to connect to the telephone call.

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