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Adding a File During a Meeting

The chair, as well as all presenters, you can click the Slides tab and add files at any time during a meeting. This feature is useful if you need to share a file that was not added when the meeting was created.

For best results, follow the guidelines for preparing Slides.

Note The chair can also save annotations made to a file.

To add a file during a meeting:

  1. Click the "Add Slides" in the toolbar or choose Tools - Add Slides.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If IBM® Lotus® Sametime ® can automatically convert your file type, click Browse to select the file from your computer. If you want to attach a Lotus Sametime whiteboard file (SWB) from another meeting, see Accessing Meeting Information. After choosing the file, continue to step 4.
    • If Lotus Sametime cannot automatically convert your file type, you must use Lotus Sametime Print Capture to convert the file. Once you have converted the file, return to step 1 and attach the converted FST file.
    • Note Each file that you add should have a unique name.

  3. Click OK. The file appears in the list of on the Slides tab. People can also access the file by clicking Meeting Information during a meeting.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have added all the files that you want to display. The most recently added file appears first.

Note If you are having difficulty adding a file, the Lotus Sametime Meeting Center might have run out of storage space. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

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